For Show Managers

"Thank you for doing such an excellent job. The show set up went much better than in the past."
Alan Mahon
All American Tattoo Festival

Customized Exhibitor Services

Exhibitors need a service tailored specifically for them. Budgeting, timelines, information and confirmations are all part an exhibitor’s experience, and this can be a difficult task. We recognize these issues and strive to provide the answers and services prior to their arrival at show site.

American Exposition Services provides solutions for the exhibitors through some of the following:

  • Paperless ordering through our online marketplace
  • Honest and ethical treatment for all exhibitors and guests
  • Integration of services for a seamless experience
  • Reminders, hints, and confirmations to help exhibitors save money
  • Service that equates to value
  • Pricing structures below the industry standard
  • Post event follow up

Our staff is here to provide the exhibitor the best possible customized service. Exhibitor Service Representatives are available before the event to help with preparation, on site to assist follow through, and after the event to establish completion. Exhibitor satisfaction is the only option!

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