Labor FAQs

Q: Do I need to order labor to install and dismantle my booth?
A: All exhibitors are required to follow local union jurisdictions as published in the Exhibitor Service Manual. In most cities, exhibitors are allowed to set-up their own displays without assistance provided that:

  • All work is performed by full time employees of the exhibiting company
  • The booth is 10'x10' or smaller
  • Booth installation requires no more than two people, one hour or less to complete
  • No power tools are used

Q: If I order labor from American Exposition Services, must I be present for the work to take place?
A: Exhibitors may order labor two ways: AES Supervised or Exhibitor Supervised.
AES Supervised: For a nominal fee, AES will install and dismantle your exhibit in your absence. If you would like AES to supervise, be sure to submit the "Labor Instructions" with your order.
Exhibitor Supervised: In this case, a representative from your company must check in at the labor desk to pick-up scheduled workers. Your employee is then responsible for supervising all work performed. Workers remain on your clock until your representative returns with the laborers to the labor desk and signs them back over to AES's clock.

Q: Is there any guarantee on my labor request?
A: All labor orders scheduled for the beginning of the work day (in most cases, 8:00 a.m.) are guaranteed. Similarly, all guaranteed labor orders are charged a 1 hour per worker "no show" charge should you fail to sign-in at the labor desk at the beginning of the work day.

Q: Can American Exposition Services set up my booth at other trade shows I participate in?
A: Yes, please talk to a salesperson for details.