Freight and Material Handling

Q: Should I ship to the advance warehouse or directly to show site?
A: If your freight is ready now, shipping to the Advance Warehouse is suggested. By shipping to the Advance Warehouse you are able to track and ensure that your freight has been received, with time to double-check. Also, it will be in your booth when you arrive for set-up. If your freight is sent directly to show site, your delivery time is controlled by the carrier.

Q: Can I use UPS, FedEx, or Airborne to pick up my shipment at the close of the show?
A: It is suggested that you use the house Carrier, AES Transportation. If you choose to use FedEx, UPS Parcel, Airborne or any other carrier, it is your responsibility to contact them for the pick-up information.

Q: Can I carry in my own freight and/or use the dock area for unloading?
A: Depending upon the show site, you may be able to hand carrier your materials in. Please review the Rules & Regulations page in the service kit.

Q: What are material handling/drayage charges for? Do I get charged again to ship out?
A: Material Handling fees are charged for the receiving, storing and reloading of materials to and from the booth space before and after the show. This is a one-time fee per shipment received, regardless of the move-in or move-out.

Q: Are there Overtime rates that I need to worry about for freight shipped to the advance warehouse?
A: The rates listed are an estimate only.  Actual rates are determined by type of shipment, time delivered to booth and loaded outbound and weight per shipment.

Q: If I ship to show site, when can it arrive?
A: When shipping to Show Site, your freight may only arrive during the scheduled times of exhibitor move in indicated in the exhibitor kit.

Q: If I ship to advance warehouse, when can it arrive?
A: When shipping to the Advance Warehouse, your freight may arrive up to 30 days prior to the show dates. This information is available in the exhibitor kit.

Q: Should I label my shipment a certain way when shipping?
A: Yes, you should label your shipments using the (A) Advanced or (D) Direct shipping labels included in the exhibitor service packet.

Q: How do you charge for material handling and how can I minimize costs?
A: Material Handling charges are occurred with each individual shipment. To minimize the cost, crate all materials in to one shipment by using a pallet.

Q: What if I cannot ship by the advance shipping deadline?
A: If you are certain you will miss the advance shipping deadline, you can ship materials to the show site on the day of move in or you can also ship to the warehouse, but a late penalty will be charged.

Q: How does my shipment get to my booth from the advance warehouse?
A: All freight housed at the warehouse will be moved to your booth space before the exhibitor move-in time.

Q: What if my shipment is not in my booth when I get there?
A: Track your shipment with your tracking or pro number. When you attain its whereabouts, go to the Service Desk to seek assistance.

Q: What are my choices for shipping out at the close of the show?
A: You may use any carrier you choose, we suggest AES Transportation, our preferred freight carrier. It is your responsibility to contact and make all arrangements for any other carrier than AES Transportation.

Q: What all do I need to do to ensure proper shipping after the show?
A: After ensuring your account is paid, complete an outbound Material Handling Agreement (MHA) at the Service Desk with the correct information and label your pieces. You should recieve an Outbound Shipping Bulletin at your booth with clear instructions.

Q: What are special handling charges for?
A: Special Handling charges are applied when your freight is delivered by a carrier in such a manner that it requires additional handling, such as ground unloading, stacked or constricted space unloading, designated piece unloading, loads mixed with pad wrapped material, carpet and/or pad only shipments, no documentation and shipments that require additional labor to unload. Also any materials arriving after or before the indicated dates and times or received outside straight time hours will be subject to special handling pricing.

Q: What is the difference between crated and uncrated shipments?
A: Crated shipments are materials that are shrink-wrapped or banded together on a pallet to make freight handling fast and easy. Uncrated shipments are individual pieces that come in a number of different pieces under one pro number.

Q: Why was I charged so many different times when I shipped all my pieces at one time?
A: Many air carriers will split your loose shipments and deliver them at different times, even if they were all picked up together. If your freight arrives at several different times, you will be charged per shipment.

Q: What is a POV?
A: POV stands for Personal Owned Vehicle. When freight is brought in a personal owned vehicle Material Handling fees are charged differently. Please see your service kits for details.