Forklift & Rigging FAQs

Q: Do I need to order a forklift to take my shipment from the dock to my booth?
A: No, the material handling charge includes the unloading of your shipment to your booth.

Q: When would I need to order a forklift?
A: Order forklift service for installation or dismantle if you need placing or setting of your display once put into your booth. See the Labor section on the storefront.

Q: What are the charges for a forklift?
A: The charges for a forklift vary from city to city. There is a one hour minimum charge for each usage. See In Booth Forklift Labor on the storefront for picing.

Q: What do I need to do to have a sign hung at show site and what are the charges?
A: You need to fill out the Sign & Banner Hanging form and return it with your other orders to us. We like to have your banner at show site during the set up period so that we can get it hung before the hall gets too busy.

Q: What if I have special needs for machinery or equipment to be moved to my booth?
A: Call ahead of time and talk to the coordinator handling the show so that we can make special arrangements.