Event Graphics & Design FAQs

Q: Does a sign come with my booth?
A: In most cases, each in-line booth receives a 7" X 44" identification sign with your company name and booth number. Generally, island booths do not include ID signs. Check your Service Manual to see if you need to pre-order an ID sign.

Q: Whom should I inform as to how I would like my sign to read?
A: In most cases, the General Service Contractor prints the sign from a list provided by Show Management. If you would like your ID sign to read differently from how your company is listed on your contract with Show Management, you should contact the General Service Contractor directly.

Q: I would like to add more information to my ID sign. Is that possible?
A: No. The ID sign is just that -- it allows people to locate your space on the

exhibit floor.

Q: Can I order additional signage or graphics for my booth?
A: Special signs and graphics can be ordered through American Exposition Services. Look for ordering information within the online storefront.