Booth Furnishings FAQs

Q: What furnishings are provided with my booth space?
A: Each event is different. Look at the cover sheet under Booth Package Includes, which will specifically list what items, if any, are included in the booth space.

Q: My booth equipment includes a 6-foot draped table but I need a 4- foot draped table. Can I switch table sizes?
A: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Items that are provided as part of your booth package have no trade-in value. If you need an item that is not listed with the booth equipment, you must order that item separately at the published price.

Q: Can I order booth furnishings at show site?
A: Yes, floor orders are accepted at show site. Remember that payment must be received before any furnishings or services will be rendered. Remember that color, size and choice of furnishings will be limited to inventory on hand.

Q: What if certain items I ordered are not in my booth when I get there?
A: All items ordered in advance of the show should be in your booth space at the beginning of exhibitor move-in with the exception of chairs and wastebaskets. These items have a tendency to "grow legs" and are not dispersed until close to show time. If other furnishings (carpet, tables, etc.) are not in your booth at the time of your arrival, please go to the Service Desk and the problem will be resolved immediately.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for refunds on furnishings?
A: Simply stated, we gladly refund 100% of any item that has not been delivered to the booth at the time of cancellation. Items cancelled after delivery are refunded at 50% of their rental value. Some exceptions to this policy are graphics, custom or deluxe carpet, custom furniture and modular display units, all of which are non-refundable.